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Gary Newbury


A consumer-packaged goods Executive within Manufacturing, 3PL, Wholesale, Retail or The Last Mile?

Finding your retail channels, strategy or supply chain operations being severely disrupted?

Intricately involved in the “Make, Move, Sell” flow within grocery, general merch or specialty products?

Seeking new ideas for supply chain strategy, to become more operationally agile or help to rapidly execute?

Looking to partner with a “Senior Exec On Call” with a strong track record of leading teams through disruption?

You’ve landed in the right place.

My Purpose

My key driver has been to serve my retail supply chain clients by creating strategy options and focused execution so they continue to honour their business and social purposes with distinction.

As a “Senior Executive on Call”, I guide clients through periods of seismic disruption, developing new retail supply chain capabilities and help execute strategies to scale, adapt and win in the digital age.

I have a passion for creating new retail supply chain visions and models, developing effective strategy options to achieve them, and driving flawless execution towards winning, quickly and painlessly.

The Approach

When it comes to transforming your supply chain network, time is money. Purposeful, rapid and directive action is imperative.

I learned early in my career there are five align-able elements which, when fully configured, integrated and aligned with vision, ignites a supply chain transformational change leading to accelerated business success:






Performing an end-to-end assessment of these elements drives generation of strategy options, engagement within stakeholders, development of a roadmap, motivation of resources and, ultimately, helping your business to lead the way. That’s when the magic truly begins…

 Working alongside your team, I’ll help you to rapidly reboot supply chain performance, leveraging my extensive change management expertise honed through multiple waves of disruption.


Your Competitors Are Racing to Establish These Capabilities to Disrupt and Win Over Your Consumers

The links to your right access a selection of informative podcasts framing and challenging today’s retail supply chains. Becoming Agile, Innovative and Digital is top of mind for your competitors. Gain the edge, “Click & Collect”. Want to take things further and build a roadmap for success, contact me.

Check out “Other Resources” for webinars, podcasts and conversations identifying challenges and opportunities within Retail Supply Chains & The Last Mile, strategy options and how consumer product businesses need to apply rapid execution, as a matter of course, to win.


The links access a selection of informative podcasts framing and challenging today’s retail supply chains. Developing these capabilities are top of mind with your competitors – Gain the edge; Click and Connect.

Check “Other Resources” for my webinars, podcasts and lectures reflecting the future of retail supply chains, strategy and how consumer products businesses need to apply rapid execution to win.

Gary Newbury

Recognised as an Award-Winning Retailing and Supply Chain Influencer

Top 100 Retail Influencers - 2021
2020 CITT Innovator Award Winner
It is my honour to be recognized as one of the Canadian Immigrandts leading the supply chain professional into the future.


“I help clients rapidly move from experiencing disruption to being disruptors in their markets.”


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Average Client ROI Results

Gary Newbury

Gary Newbury

Interim Executive / Senior Exec On Call

End to End Retail Supply Chains & The Last Mile


With an international reputation earned through implementing supply chain agility, establishing innovative fulfillment operations and driving digitisation across Manufacturing, Third Party Logistics, Wholesaling, Retail and The Last Mile. I have a track record of tackling mission critical issues and conquering disruption by aligning Process, Systems, Architecture, Culture and KPIs within retail supply chains.

A recognised thought leader, speaker, podcaster and trainer in “Retail Supply Chains of the Future”, recently awarded with Supply Chain Canada’s “Top 40 Immigrants impacting on Supply Chains”, CITT’s “2020 Innovator Award”, and Retail RETHINK’s Top 100 Retail Influencers 2021.

With an MBA and an MSc in Supply Chain Management & Logistics from Cranfield University, I am PMP, LSSBB and Retail Management certified.


As a career Interim Executive / Senior Exec On Call I have:

  • Focused on Retail Supply Chains & The Last Mile for 25+ years, (10 years as a C- level Interim Executive / Senior Exec On Call).
  • Driven radical retail supply chain improvements, created new network strategies, provided rapid execution support and delivered exceptional results.
  • Guided 40+ clients to fast-track key initiatives, accelerate growth, drive exceptional service levels between the First Mile and Final Mile and everything in-between.
  •  Integrated Process, Systems, Architecture, Culture and KPIs to create expanded capacities to succeed, and agile, innovative capabilities to win.
  • Driven new business performance levels and developed enduring competitive advantage within Retail Supply Chains & The Last Mile.

Regular contributor to the following professional organisations: