As the world entered lockdown in March 2020, a small, diverse group of Canadian thought leaders gathered virtually to speculate, collaborate and share their insights on the waves of disruption facing retailers.

“The Business of Retail” podcast emerged as an unflinching strategic alternative to the conventional discourse. Listen or watch as root causes are revealed and new paths forward for the wider retail ecosystem are explored.

Various podcasts & educational materials relating to changing Retail Supply Chains & The Last Mile to become more Agile, Innovative and Digital (hence RetailAID).

The purpose is to share information useful to businesses in the end to end retail supply chain who maybe facing significant disruption within their markets or business organisation, and looking to change rapidly and maybe within the Manufacturing, Third Party Logistics, Wholesaling, Retailing & The Last Mile areas.

Conversations with Retail Experts
Interviews, Thought Leadership & Opinions

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